475 miles.

Wednesday, August 7

7:40 am – Left my house

8:05 – Picked up Dad

8:15 – Got my Starbucks for the road. No trip is official without that first cup of coffee from Starbucks.

8:20 – Returned to my house to get my phone. I remember a comment that Sean made quite a few years ago when he was living with us before returning to college. His bedroom was right by the back door, unfortunately for him. One day, he asked me if it was possible for any of us to actually leave the house the first time, without returning once or twice for the items we’d forgotten. The answer was “probably not.”

9:00 – Officially on the road. Lots of traffic, but it was an uneventful trip. We stopped in Osseo, WI at the Norske Nook for lunch. I recommend it if you’re in the neighborhood. Dad picked up a cranberry apple pie to contribute to our evening meal.

4:00 – Ed suggested an alternate route to the one the GPS recommended. That added another half hour to the trip.

5:30 – Arrived at Paul’s. Only about 1.5 hours late – not too bad, I’d say.

BTW The pie was delicious!

DSCN8004 Eyes on the road!

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1 Response to 475 miles.

  1. Sean Gohman says:

    Jess would tell you that I can never leave the house without returning to grab something I forgot. I must have picked that up from you.


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