What did Delaware, Boys?

She wore a brand New Jersey.

Monday, August 11

We went from Maryland, through Delaware, to New Jersey, then back through Delaware, and Maryland to Pennsylvania.

We had a great visit with relatives on the Jersey shore. We didn’t see Snookie, though. The Kerns were renting a house for the week in Stone Harbor, a lovely seaside village.It’s easy to see why they like the location.

Rosemary Barnes is a second cousin on my father’s side, whom I’d never met before. She, her husband, Steve, and their son, Kevin, hosted us to lunch and a nice long visit. Dad and Rosemary swapped stories about her father, grandmother, and uncles. Her grandmother was a sister of my grandmother, Catherine Crawford. Rosemary helped Dad identify members of her family in an old photo. We hope to share more information in the future.  After spending most of the afternoon with them, we drove to Gettysburg.

I just finished watching the film “Gettysburg,” a long time favorite of mine. It was mostly filmed on location, and made use of re-enactors, so it gives the viewer a good sense of what happened over those three days, 150 years ago. I was here about 15 years ago, and have been looking forward to returning.

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