Dayton to Urbana


Thursday, August 15

This morning Ed and Paul visited the National Air Force Museum in Dayton. There are four large buildings, into any one of which the Dulles Smithonian Exhibit could fit. They saw many, many, many, many, many airplanes, and saw only a fraction of what was there.

I, in the meantime, explored the local mall until they were ready to be picked up for the next leg of our journey. We drove to Urbana, Illinois, and will be heading to Springfield tomorrow to visit Ed’s brother, Leo. We also plan to visit the Lincoln Library and Museum.

When pulling into a rest stop in Illinois, we saw a doe nursing twin fawns along the side of the road. I’d never seen anything like it before. I walked back over there, hoping for a photo, but, of course, it was too late. The doe had gone into the foliage, but the fawns stood for a few minutes staring at me. It seems late in the year for young ones – I hope they can survive.

Huge black hornet

Huge black hornet

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