Empire and Phantom

Wednesday, September 18

We started with the Empire State Building. We had the good sense to purchase Express Tickets, which is kind of like flying First Class. We got to go to the head of the line to pick up our tickets, to get on the elevators, just speeding ahead of the crowds. It was busy already in the early morning, so our decision saved us at least an hour.

Of course, the views are fantastic. There was some haze to the east, looking toward the sun, but not bad. We were told that tourists who come in the summer can not see nearly as far because of the humidity in the air. Who knew we were so smart!!!

??????????????????????????????? IMG_0497 ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? IMG_0543 IMG_5071 IMG_5107

We also rode a Hop On Hop Off bus to see some more of the sights – lots and lots and lots. Some of the best were at Times Square – performance art at its most minimal – costume wise that is. We saw Naked Cowgirl, Elderly Naked Cowgirl (eeww!), Naked Indian, Naked Showgirls, etc. I wonder what happens on the weekends!

IMG_0607 IMG_0603 ??????????????????????????????? IMG_5130 IMG_0586

We dined al fresco for lunch – hot dog and water only $3. Just like the natives.

Tonight, dinner at Sardi’s (delicious), where we tried to figure out which celebrity caricatures were on the walls. Some we recognized, most we didn’t. They adorn the walls on three levels of the restaurant – hundreds of caricatures. Also, the Tony Award was first conceived here, and the nominations were announced from Sardi’s for many years.

IMG_5160 IMG_5177

The Phantom of the Opera was, of course, fabulous. The story is compelling, the music riveting.

We located a Ben and Jerry’s on the way back to the hotel. We didn’t pass it by.

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