Sailing Adventures

Wednesday, January 22

This was a day at sea. After meeting Dr. Jay, we decided to attend his lecture this morning. His topic was “The Great Migration – Who are the Polynesians? Where did They Come From?” He talked about the various theories of where they sailed from: Asia? South America? Australia? Each theory has its advocates. The Polynesian triangle extends from New Zealand to Hawaii to Easter Island.

Dr. Wolff is a great storyteller, very entertaining and engaging. What I found most interesting from his talk is that the Polynesians are a blend of Caucasian, Asian, and African, so these peoples must have traveled through many places before finally sailing to the South Seas.

I took a beginners Photoshop class this afternoon, pretty basic, but I did glean a few new things.

Tonight’s movie was “All is Lost.” Was that a good movie to watch on board ship? I thought it was well done, with some excellent cinematography.

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