We Are So Relaxed

Monday, May 19

We headed to the Blue Lagoon, which was formed accidently during operation of a nearby power plant. People bathing there noticed that the water had great effects on the skin, so public bathing facilities were opened there in 1987. The temperature averages between 98 and 102 degrees. The naturally occurring silica mud in the lagoon can be used as an exfoliant, leaving the skin feeling smooth and soft. However, it leaves one’s hair feeling a bit like boiled wool. I used quite a bit of conditioner simply to be able to comb through my hair.

In addition to the baths, there are restaurants, steam rooms, a waterfall and spa services. I opted for a 60 minute massage which took place in a special section of the lagoon. I started out lying on a float on top of a table. After some initial scrubbing and beating, the masseuse slid the float into the water. I was partially submerged in the warm water while the massage continued. It was over way too soon. Floating on the water makes you feel weightless which is relaxing in itself.

Once you pay admission, you can stay for the entire day. We spent about five hours there. It’s not uncommon for visitors to spend a few hours before flying back home. Sounds good to me!

This evening, we had dinner at a nearby restaurant called The Roadhouse – offering ribs, burgers, malts, etc. It was designed to feel like a 50’s and 60’s American malt shop. The ribs were good. We walked back to the hotel and fell into bed.


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