Wednesday, June 25

After breakfast, we headed out to explore Broadway. First located the Ed Sullivan Theater where the David Letterman show is taped. Also stopped at Hello Deli, made famous by Dave. It’s just around the corner from the theater.

We are right in the midst of the theater district, so we can walk to almost any show we want to see.  We’ll be checking into rush tickets for Jersey Boys tomorrow.

Best discovery this morning: Kellogg’s Recharge Bar which just opened on Monday, and will only be open through Friday. Just in time for “Elevenses,” they were offering free cereal combinations. Mark had Special K with yogurt, cinnamon and fresh apple slices; I had Bran-Buds with yogurt, peaches and blueberries. Yum! I also had an opportunity to sing the Kellogg’s cereal song, and we each were given Tony the Tiger t-shirts.

We picked up our tickets for Letterman, and returned to the theater at about 2:30, where we received instructions on how to react to David. Laugh loudly (no hooting) and clap almost continuously.


Our seats were in the second row(!) on the left side of the stage by the orchestra. We were able to see everything.

The show was very good. Dave’s Top Ten was things going through Luis Suarez’ mind when he bit Giorgio Chielline, aka Al Dente.

Guest stars were Mark Wahlberg (he’s short) and Ben Falcone. Wahlberg was promoting his new movie – “Transformers, Age of Extinction,” as well as his family’s new restaurant, “Wallburgers.” Falcone was also promoting a movie with his wife Melissa McCarthy – “Tammy.”

It was truly a fun experience, but over so quickly. We are so grateful to Brian and Jan for inviting us.

We took an evening tour from Times Square, through Chinatown, Soho and Little Italy, and Brooklyn. Then we stopped at John’s Pizzeria for a late dinner. John’s is in a former church building, the Gospel Tabernacle Church. The stained glass ceiling is beautiful. Although we didn’t order pizza, we did enjoy our meal almost as much as the ambience. There are four coal-fired brick ovens, and the cooks didn’t have any opportunity to rest.

Then, back to the hotel so we could watch “Letterman,” of course. We didn’t see ourselves on TV – rats!


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