The Day After

October 31, 2014

Some of us weren’t feeling too good this morning (myself included.) However, we continued on our adventure, by having breakfast at Downtowner Woodfire Grill, winner of the 2014 Open Table Diner’s Choice Award. It smelled delicious before we even got inside. The restaurant bills itself as American with a Persian touch. Indeed, one of the menu items was a Greek Scramble with feta cheese, kalamata olives, mushrooms, etc. Jeff says it was delicious. It is beautifully and comfortable decorated.

Next stop was Cosseta Alimentari an Italian Marketplace that includes a Restaurant, Pizzeria, and Pasticerria – another sensory delight. The pastries are works of art; the meatballs are at least 2 inches in diameter, the fresh loaves of bread very enticing. Many people had stopped in to pick up a sandwich, pizza, pasta, etc for lunch. We scoped it out, and made note of the items we would purchase on a return trip later this afternoon. These included some flavored balsamic vinegars, some pastas, capers, olive bread, raisin and pecan bread, mascarpone. We enjoyed a little gelato as well.

We then went to the Minnesota History Museum, which was featuring a special exhibit about toys from the 1950’s through 1970’s. The other exhibits were fascinating as well, including “Weather Permitting, ” with a realistic demonstration of what it felt like to be in the basement during a tornado; “Minnesota’s Greatest Generation,” with a recreation of a WWII combat flight in a C-47 plane.

Before heading for home, we stopped at Forepaugh’s Restaurant located next to Irvine Park and housed in a 19th century, 3-story, Victorian mansion, for a snack. All floors are utilized for the restaurant, creating several intimate spaces for small groups. The restaurant uses local foods for its meals, which are creative and beautifully presented. I enjoyed a small plate of Chinese Scallion Flatbread, spicy and delicious. Mark and Jeff had the Beef Satay, and Sally opted for French Fries – yummy!

What a wonderful birthday celebration! This will provide good memories for many, many years. Thanks to my handsome, intelligent, loving husband, and to my equally good-looking and intelligent friends, Sally and Jeff, for these two memorable days.

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1 Response to The Day After

  1. Barb Caspers says:

    Fabulous! Happy Birthday Kathleen!


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