Beatles and Motown

Still Monday

After dinner, we attended a show by the Beatle Maniacs, an hour of some of the greatest music ever recorded (at least it is to my generation). The singers did a good job of mimicking the original, and they had us dancing in the aisles before the show was over.

Then, we listened and danced to an outstanding singer in one of the lounges. I heard that she was a finalist on “The Voice.” We all got a good workout tonight.

Tuesday, January 6

Sea day today, so time to catch up on our rest.  This was our first formal night, with champagne and chocolates being highlighted.

After dinner we went to a Motown show, which got us up and dancing again! Following that, the Beatle Maniacs were playing in the lounge. For us Baby Boomers, this is pretty close to heaven.



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