March Idesness!

Sunday, March 15

Today is the Ides of March, probably only important to Julius Caesar.

This morning, we headed to McGuire’s in Destin for brunch. Brunch included Irish coffee and beignets. The coffee could be hot or cold. Basically, the cold Irish coffee is a milkshake. Omelets are made with six eggs. Mark and I together could not finish one. Of course, we did each have a bowl of their Senate Bean Soup as well. If I lived down here, I’d probably hit one or the other McGuire’s weekly for this soup, and/or their Shepherds Pie, which could feed a family of four. Besides the food, both McGuire’s locations are known for the dollar bills stapled all over the walls and ceiling.

After brunch, we walked across the street to Harborwalk Village, an area of shops, restaurants and activities, all designed to separate the tourist from his/her money. One of the activities there is a monthly art walk, which we wanted to check out. The quality of the items was good, but the quantity and variety were limited. As long as were there, we stepped into one of the bars overlooking the harbor. It’s a beautiful place to enjoy the wonderful weather here.

Steve and Joan headed home, and we went back to the condo to cook dinner and catch up on our sleep.

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