Even a Foggy Day is Beautiful!

Friday, March 20

When we woke up this morning, it was very foggy here in Miramar Beach. Undaunted, I headed to the beach anyway for my walk. Not too many students out this morning. Maybe they all thought the fog was from whatever they consumed yesterday. There were a few families and quite a few birds. It was still a lovely place to walk.

After lunch at The Whale’s Tail, we packed up and headed to Pensacola to stay with Steve and Joan before flying out in the morning. We had drinks at The Oar House, then met Steve and Joan at V Paul’s Italian Ristorante. Dinner was wonderful. I had the catch of the day, grouper, and Mark had duck (no surprise there.)

Every third Friday is Gallery Night in downtown Pensacola. Galleries and restaurants open their doors, and musicians set up on the streets to entertain the public. Kiosks along the side streets offer beer, wine and other beverages, food, and plenty of art. You can find sculptures, paintings, jewelry, clothing and more during the event.

What a nice way to end our time in the Florida Panhandle.

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