Saturday, January 9

We stayed close to the condo today, venturing out only to pick up some groceries and do a little shopping. Sally made a delicious chicken dinner and we retired early.

Sunday, January 10

The Vikings played Seattle today for a wild card slot. The game was televised at 8am here. Sally and Jeff got up to watch, while Mark and I took a walk around the resort grounds, which are truly gorgeous. The Vikings lost, but apparently it was a good game until the last failed field goal attempt.

The resort uses several natural methods for ground maintenance, including cats to keep the critters in check, and goats to groom the lawns.

After checking out the pool area, we knew we would have to spend some time there. There are a few hot tubs, waterfalls, waterslides and misters. There were several pool areas just for adults which we truly enjoyed. I’m sure we’ll be going there again before we head home.

Dinner tonight at the local Tommy Bahama Restaurant. It was another beautiful evening here in Paradise.

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