Seeking Warmth Again

Sunday, March 27, 2016

It snowed through the night last night, and was still snowing early this morning as we drove to the airport. We aren’t too happy with this gift from the Easter Bunny. He’d better stay out of sight if he doesn’t want to become Hasenpfeffer.


Those are not flowers on our shrubs!

We drove to the airport in the snow and rain, excited about going to Pensacola, where it was merely raining. Actually, the rain was very heavy over Pensacola, creating some bumpiness in our ride, but we arrived only about 15 minutes later than scheduled. The rain stopped shortly before we reached our condo, and we could see several people heading for the beach, anxious to make up for lost time.

Our condo is on Pensacola Beach, at Regency Towers, facing the gulf, and a short walk to the water. We have a nice view of the ocean from our deck. Nice!

We met friends, Steve and Joan, for dinner at The Grand Marlin on Pensacola Beach. They will be staying with us for a few days here. Too few, as we have to head back home on Thursday.

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