Road Trips and Literature

Two of my favorite things.

While this isn’t about my travels, it is inspiring some future trips as well as some future reading. Check out The Obsessively Detailed Map of American Literature’s Most Epic Road Trips. Richard Kreitner wrote this article in his Atlas Obscura blog, and Steven Melendez created the map. It touches 48 states and bits of Canada and Mexico. Only Alaska and Arkansas remain unexplored by this list.

Mr Kreitner chose twelve books for his article, and plotted the trips taken in each. I’ve only read two of the books he cites: Wild by Cheryl Strayed, and Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig. Perhaps I’ll tackle The Cruise of the Rolling Junk by F. Scott Fitzgerald next, although Cross Country by Robert Sullivan is calling me as well.

I do have to point out that three of the twelve books are written by Minnesotans. Make what you will of that.


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