Road Trippin’ IVh


Friends Steve and Joan joined us for a few days at our Panama City Beach Condo. While they were visiting, we did some exploring and found a lovely park in the area. Panama City Beach Conservation Park, with 2,000 acres of wetlands and 900 acres of uplands, was established to protect natural resources and provide outdoor recreational opportunities. There are 24 miles of trails, and we hiked a small portion of that. It was a beautiful day for a hike.

Too soon, we bid farewell to our friends and to the beautiful beaches of Panama City Beach.

On our way back to chilly Minnesota, we stopped in Clarksville, home of the Clarksville Train Station immortalized in the Monkees song “Last Train to Clarksville.”

Shortly after we entered Wisconsin on I94, we saw a billboard for the World’s Largest Culver’s in Newville, WI. Never willing to pass up an adventure, we stopped for lunch even though it was only 10:30 in the morning. If you’re not familiar with Culver’s, it’s a Midwestern not-quite-fast food franchise, known for their Butterburgers and frozen custard which are pretty tasty. And, yes, this Culver’s size was impressive.

So, on this superlative trip, we saw the world’s largest truckstop, Lexington’s largest independently owned bookstore, the world’s smallest working still, and the world’s largest Culver’s. Not bad for two weeks.



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3 Responses to Road Trippin’ IVh

  1. I’ve heard of Culver’s…I think it might have been featured on the travel channel. So fun that you got to stop there! What a fantastic road trip. Thank you for sharing your travels; hope to visit some of the same places you visited someday!


  2. Lila says:

    Put this all together with all you other adventures into one heck of a travelogue. You have some fantastic pictures so you have enough material. you could have a northern, a southern and a European edition!


  3. kcbernick says:

    Maybe I’ll work on that.


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