San Diego Botanic Garden

Wednesday, Dec 6, 2017

Happy 95th Birthday, Dad!

The San Diego Botanic Garden is just a few miles away, so we spent several hours there this afternoon. The weather is perfect for walking, mostly sunny and a little windy, with temperatures in the low 70’s (it’s in the low 20’s back home!)

This park is set on 37 acres, with sections devoted to different types of landscapes, South Africa, New Zealand, South America, Central America and others. There is even a rainforest with a waterfall – in a dry climate. Sprinklers go a long way to giving this a realistic feel.


The Mexican Garden contains several topiary exhibits.

There are several pieces of artwork throughout the park, ranging from about $800 to about $15,000. They are available for purchase if you’re interested.


We left the park and returned after dinner for their “Garden of Lights,” where much of the garden is lit for the holiday season. There was also live entertainment and horse-drawn wagon rides. Tonight’s performances were conducted by the local YMCA Dance Group – we saw lots of giggling girls in dance costumes throughout the park.


It was interesting to contrast daytime with nighttime views.

Everyone seems to be in the Christmas spirit here.


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