Falling Waters Three – Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, Michigan

Fall, 2013

The Presque Isle River empties into Lake Superior in Porcupines Wilderness State Park, ending its journey through Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. During that 42 mile journey, the river creates nine different waterfalls, three of which are located in the park. We enjoyed them during a visit in 2013. All of the falls are easily accessible by short hikes.

Nawadaha Falls, an Ojibwa name meaning “in the midst of the rapids,” is the top most of the three waterfalls. It is also low and wide, with a 15 foot drop.

A little downstream is Manido Falls, meaning spirit or ghost. This is the smallest of the three, dropping only 10 feet. The width varies by season, dependent on the flow of water.

Named for an Ojibwa spirit god, Manabezho Falls, is the most impressive with its 25 foot drop.

The rest of the hike to the lake provides some lovely views of the river as well.

I can’t stress enough the beauty of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in the fall. We were there when the maples, oaks and other hardwoods were at peak color. It’s truly stunning, especially when the sky is clear, and Lake Superior is visible in the distance.


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