Falling Waters Seventeen: Alaska

August, 2016

We were on an Alaskan cruise, and made many stops between Vancouver, British Columbia and Anchorage, Alaska. One of our early stops was in Juneau, where we took a helicopter flight to Mendenhall Glacier. Melting glacial ice often creates beautiful waterfalls, and Mendenhall is no exception.

Farther north, we caught the White Pass & Yukon Railway train that traces part of the Klondike Trail, from Skagway, Alaska to the Canadian border. Along the way, we saw small waterfalls along the railway.

Our train passed over Pitchfork Falls, and we could also see Bridal Veil in the distance.

Then we entered Glacier Bay National Park, where we enjoyed more glacial waterfalls. It was pretty foggy that day, and my photos do reflect that.

In Anchorage, we boarded another train to Talkeetna, Alaska. We stopped at Porter Lake and Glacier where we saw a few more waterfalls.

These are just of few of the glaciers in our largest state. There are 43 named waterfalls in Alaska, and it would take weeks to find them all.

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