Falling Waters Twenty-Three: Washington State’s National Parks

July, 2018

Mount Rainier National Park is home to over 150 waterfalls. We weren’t on a hunt for waterfalls, though, so we only saw a few. The largest one was Nisqually Valley Falls, which is fed by the Nisqually Glacier, at least in part. It drops about 300 feet over two drops.

While in Olympic National Park, we hiked to Gatton Creek Falls, which drops 60 feet in a staircase style. While walking the path, we enjoyed the many wildflowers and ferns in addition to the sound of the rushing water.

As its name implies, North Cascades National Park has many waterfalls, but, again we only saw a couple of them. We took the Happy Creek Nature Trail Happy Creek trail, but didn’t reach the top of the waterfall.  However, we enjoyed the lower part of the flow.


Gorge Creek Falls

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