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Protect Your Assets When On the Road

April, 2020 We will travel again! Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, many people have cancelled trips, or had them cancelled by cruise lines, airlines, etc. We have plans for August. and feel confident that we’ll be approaching something like normal … Continue reading

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Oh no! I forgot to…

April, 2020 Speaking about forgetting, I actually started this in January, intending to finish it after returning from a cruise. Three months later… On a recent cruise, I overheard a conversation where people were discussing the fact that they had … Continue reading

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Who Loves to Fly? No one!

December, 2018 My husband and I love each other, and we love traveling, but there are some aspects of travel that can test the bounds of that love. For us, the most challenging part of any trip is getting there, … Continue reading

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Where’s My PASSPORT!!!???

December, 2018 Or, perhaps I should ask “where’s my driver’s license?” I’ve actually lost my license twice when traveling. The first time was on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. I was sober at the time, but when purchasing something to … Continue reading

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Safe Travels

Saturday, March 28 Although this really doesn’t qualify as travel, it could improve road trips for anyone who goes through this experience. Mark and I took an Advanced Driving Skills course near our home. We recognize that our skills can … Continue reading

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