IMG_0063 IMG_0035 IMG_20130810_183219 IMG_0078-1We Today, we visited Fort McHenry where Francis Scott Key was inspired to write the Star Spangled Banner 199 years ago. There was a very moving video about the battle, including the performance of the song. During the song, the screen was raised to reveal the flag flying over the fort. It actually brought tears to my eyes – and I wasn’t alone in my reaction.

There is a project underway to sew a replacement flag of the same dimensions – 33′ x 42′. We were able to view one unfurled and it is quite impressive.

We headed downtown, and after an hour’s drive, covering about five blocks, we had lunch at Bubba Gump, where Paul excelled at Forrest Gump trivia. His prize?  The tab.

The Harbor was very busy with costumed young people, who were attending Otakon, the annual convention of the otaku generation. This is a celebration of Asian pop culture, including music, anime, manga, etc. No…I don’t know what that means! But they were fun to look at.

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2 Responses to Baltimore

  1. mkeymer says:

    Looking forward to seeing you in Columbia tomorrow. I’ll drive up from Arlington to arrive sometime in the neiborhood of 1:30 or so. Kim and Loren will join us before dinner time. See you soon!



  2. Sean Gohman says:

    Did you go tour the Constellation sitting in the background of the inner harbor photo you posted? It has a Parrott gun on the deck, a rifled cannon invented and cast at the West Point Foundry, a place I worked at in New York. It was instrumental in the Union’s war effort.


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