Columbus to Columbia

Friday, August 10

We traveled about 350 miles today, and saw lots of beautiful countryside in Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland. We tried to visit a National Road/Zane Grey museum in Ohio, but it wasn’t open.

We considered a visit to Frostburg, MD, where we saw a sign that said “Noah’s Ark Being Rebuilt Here.” Unfortunately, we’d already driven past and the next exit was just too far away. Paul looked it up (we love our smart phones) and learned that it’s been under construction for over 30 years (not as long as La Sagrada Familia, but catching up). Back in 1974, Pastor Richard Greene was told by Jesus to build an Ark next to the interstate. Construction began in 1976 with over 3,000 tons of concrete. I think I’d pack a lifejacket because I doubt it’s going to float. It’s being built to biblical proportions. At this time, it’s just a frame, but apparently it has drawn attention from all over the world, and Pastor Greene continues to raise money for its completion. I hope it doesn’t rain too soon.

This led to a discussion about what the work “ark” means. Paul had learned that it means a boat without a rudder, a symbol of faith that God would take you in the right direction. It also means a vessel of sanctuary that serves as protection against extinction.

Rest assured, we aren’t always so philosophical, but we are always curious.

And, easily amused.

We arrived at Tom and Judy’s home around 5:00, and enjoyed a delicious dinner and some more stimulating conversation.

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