Why I Live in Minnesota, Part II, continued

Friday, August 7

A few of us headed into Pequot Lakes for some shopping. There are some nice boutiques, gift shops, and clothing and shoe stores in Pequot Lakes. Several articles of clothing and possibly more pairs of shoes were purchased. Those who didn’t want to shop stayed back for reading, sunning, napping, etc.



We take turns preparing meals, so no one is tasked with kitchen duty for the entire weekend. The food is always delicious. My only complaint is that there’s just too much!

Saturday, August 8

There was quite a storm last night, with twigs down all over the yard. Even the furniture on the screen porch was soaked. However, today was a beautiful day, and several of us went out for a boat ride. After about an hour, the sky started looking threatening, and we felt a few sprinkles, so we headed back.

More talking, reading, napping, and even some paddle boarding by the braver members of the group. Oh, and of course, more eating. Tonight, we selected our books for the coming year. I can’t wait to read them!

More rain again tonight. It just doesn’t seem to stop.

Sunday, August 9

Last day for the book group gathering. After brunch, everyone pitched in to clean up. Generally, any place we stay at will be cleaner after we’ve left than before we came. All had headed out by about 1:00, and I took some time to relax before my husband and father joined me later in the day for dinner.

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