But Wait! There’s More, Gull Lake

Monday, August 10

It was another lovely day. Dad wanted to go fishing, so we headed to town to get some bait and lures. After lunch, we took the boat out on the lake, and he cast his line. Although he trolled for about an hour, he had no luck. I expect he’ll try again tomorrow.

There are quite a few loons on this lake. It’s a treat to listen to them calling to each other across the water. We’ve seen a number of young ones born just this year. They are still sticking close to their parents as they learn to fend for themselves. As they mature, their color changes from gray to black with white markings. The loon is a diving bird that sits quite low in the water. They have a more difficult time taking off to fly than do ducks or geese, and need a long takeoff path in order to become and stay airborne.

Tuesday, August 11

We took a ride around the lake to see the damage that occurred in the terrible storm of a month ago. Thousands of trees were uprooted or broken, and many buildings were damaged. Even today, the cleanup continues. We saw several truckloads of brush and logs being hauled away, and lots of people running the equipment for the cleanup. Many local golf courses have new hazards, with uprooted trees all over the place. That doesn’t stop the golfers, though – the game must go on.

It appears that all of the resorts and restaurants are open and ready for business. Summer doesn’t last long in Minnesota, so you have to take full advantage of the tourist trade while you can.

Wednesday, August 12

Another lazy day spent working puzzles, playing cards and reading. Dad tried fishing off the pier tonight, but still no luck. The minnows kept eating the worms. Oh well, to quote Scarlett, “tomorrow is another day.”


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