The Attractions of Gull Lake

Thursday, August 13

Nothing much going on.  We had a downpour last night, so it was hot and humid during the day today. Of course, for us Minnesotans, that means upper 80’s or lower 90’s. We melt if it gets any hotter than that.

Rain coming off the roof

Rain coming off the roof

Friday, August 14

It was sunny all day, absolutely gorgeous. The lake is getting a little more crowded as the weekenders show up to play. A little girl next door was celebrating her birthday with several friends. Four of them kept trying to get onto the same paddle board, but could never manage to have more than three upright at once. Lots of giggling going on.

Every day, you can see eagles flying overhead looking for an easy meal. There are plenty of gulls, ducks and loons as well. We took a final boat ride on the lake after dinner, and returned just as the sun was setting. With just a few clouds on the horizon, and smoke from distant forest fires, we were treated to a beautiful, red sunset.



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1 Response to The Attractions of Gull Lake

  1. Linda S Hanson says:

    Lovely retreat, lovely memories.


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