Three Decades of Friendship

Thursday, September 24

I’m looking forward to a weekend in Chicago with seven dear friends. In October, 1985, I placed an ad in the FEW (Forum of Executive Women) newsletter, with the intention of starting a book group. I was looking for some intellectual stimulation, as well as increasing my friendship base. Both goals have been met and exceeded.

From the first meeting, I have been on a journey in which I’ve been introduced to a wide variety of books, fiction and nonfiction, history and biography. I might never have read many of them otherwise. I’m very grateful to my book group for expanding my literary horizons. Members have come and gone, but none have left my heart.

Traveling companions on this trip are: Sally Baumgartner, Debra Carlson, Linda Hanson, Mary Harlander-Locke, Cindy Johnson, Mary Salk, Donna Walberg,

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