Easy Day in Vancouver

Friday, August 5, 2016

We mostly walked around town today, through the Gastown District and along the Harbour, enjoying some of the interesting architecture in the area.

The harbour area was very busy. There is an anime convention occurring here this weekend – Anime Revolution – so lots of young people in costume. Anime refers to Japanese animationIMG_6408, dating back to 1917. The current style emerged in the 1960’s. It is distributed directly to home media and over the internet, and is classified into many genres.

We spent some time near the convention center before returning to our hotel before dinner.

Dinner tonight was at Glowbal Restaurant, a few blocks from our hotel. Mark enjoyed lamb shank while I had salmon. Again, an excellent day in Vancouver followed by an excellent meal.


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1 Response to Easy Day in Vancouver

  1. Sean Gohman says:

    The kids call that kind of convention-going dressing up “Cosplay”


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