It’s Never Too Late!

I just read this article about a 90 year old woman, diagnosed with cancer a little over a year ago, who decided to forego treatment and hit the road with her son. The article, written by David Wolfe, is titled 90-YEAR-OLD is Told She Needs Chemo for Cancer. What She Does Next is the Best Ever!

She has a Facebook page, DrivingMissNorma, with over 18,000 followers. I’m one now too. A recent post indicates that her health is declining, and her journey on earth may soon be over. Sad, but I’m pleased that she made the most of this past year.

Norma, you are an inspiration.



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3 Responses to It’s Never Too Late!

  1. I just read the article you linked to and can’t stop smiling. That Norma–what an inspiration! She’s given new meaning to the adage, “It’s not the years in your life that count, but the life in your years.”


  2. Bensen, Jan (RBC Wealth Mgmt) says:

    Brian loved this article.

    Anything that comes on gmail, he reads. So he’ll say something like “you got a great article today”
    So don’t send a comment on his birthday surprise (there isn’t one) to me at gmail. Use RBC. Funny.


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