Todos Santos, Baja California

Saturday, January 18, 2020

We sailed most of today, anchoring at Cabo San Lucas (Saint Luke Cape) around 4:00 this afternoon. In the morning, we listened to Roberto D’Alimonte speak on political challenges around the world. The primary challenges he addressed were technology, globalism, and changing demographics. He did apologize both in advance and at the end for causing us to become depressed.

The Arch of Cabo San Lucas, or Land’s End is the point where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. After the ship laid anchor, we tendered into town to check it out. It’s a very busy port town that relies heavily on tourism. The focus appears to be on partying, hence the noise.

Sunday, January 19

BD795BF5-5073-49A6-8B32-B566E4AAD78CToday’s weather back home: high temperature of 1° F at our house, with wind chill projected at 24 below. Yesterday, we had about six inches of snow. SO HAPPY TO BE HERE!!!

The Village of Todos Santos (All Saints) was designated a Pueblo Mágico (Magical Town) by the Mexican government in 2006. This designation has been given to only about 100 small towns known for natural beauty, cultural riches, or historical relevance. One historical tidbit: the last battle of the Mexican American War was fought near here in 1848.

We had views of the Sierra de la Laguna mountains and the Pacific Ocean on our drive to Todos Santos, and even saw whale blows along the way. Gray whales migrate here every year from the Arctic Ocean to birth and nurse their young. We also saw cacti that look much like saguaro, and are related, but are actually cardon cacti. They grow many more arms than the saguaro, and the woody interior is used by many artists in their craft. By the way, this is the southern end of the Sonoran Desert, a 100,000 square mile desert, extending into California and Arizona.

Established as Misión Santa Rosa de las Palmas in 1723, this village was also known as Todos Santos Mission. This area became a major sugar cane producer in the1800s lasting until about 1950, when the town’s freshwater spring dried up. Now, it is a Mecca for artists, who flock here for several months each year to work on their crafts.

The coastal village of Todos Santos is about an hour north of Cabo San Lucas, and has a normal population of about 10,000 people.

We were welcomed for lunch at the Hotel California. It was a lovely place. No, this is not the Hotel California of The Eagles fame. In fact, The Eagles sued the hotel in 2017, after the hotel applied for a US Trademark, for falsely leading customers to believe there is a connection. The suit was settled in 2018 when the hotel withdrew its trademark application.

In fact, the hotel was established in 1947 by a Chinese immigrant, a Mr. Wong. It was purchased by a Canadian couple in 2001, and is enjoying a lively business. The hotel’s website includes a disclaimer about the song: ‘The song ‘Hotel California’ by the Eagles was not in any way inspired by the Hotel California in Todos Santos. The hotel wishes to inform its guests that there is no past or present connection between the hotel and the Eagles, any of its members, or their song. Any rumors or innuendo suggesting that the song is associated with or inspired by the hotel are untrue.”

In any case, the lunch was delicious.

Dinner was as well. We dined at the Italian restaurant, Prego, then enjoyed a performance by ventriloquist, Mark Merchant. He had us rolling in the aisles!


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