Alaska’s Inside Passage

Monday, August 8, 2016

Sailing the inside passage all day. The early morning fog lifted to reveal several islands, but mostly water, water, water. While I was taking some computer classes in the afternoon, many people experienced the thrill of seeing orcas and dolphins frolicking nearby.

Our ship is very comfortable – Crystal Serenity. We cruised with Crystal Cruises a few years ago and were so impressed that we jumped at the chance to travel with them again. A number of passengers will be staying onboard after we debark in Anchorage, to take the cruise through the Northwest Passage, ending in New York. It was tempting, but we weren’t ready for a month long cruise.

Mark and I are easy sailors, rarely experiencing even slight queasiness regardless of the waves. Like a cradle, the waves rock us to sleep. While on the treadmill this morning, I experienced changes in the incline without any mechanical adjustments – a little weird at first, but then it becomes natural.

When we disembark, we’ll have to take a few minutes to adjust to solid ground again.

Tonight was formal night, the only one on this cruise. While I enjoy dressing up, I hate trying to tie Mark’s bow tie. Sometimes I think we should just get a pre-tied one.

We have a lively group of table mates at dinner, with representation from Toronto, Ontario; Fresno, California; Sarasota, Florida, and central Minnesota – a nice geographic mix. Two of the folks are travel specialists, so we have the fun of sharing travel experiences and getting ideas for more places to explore.

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