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Falling Waters Twenty Four: Multnomah Falls, Oregon

July, 2018   Some of the approaches to Multnomah Falls were closed following the wildfires of 2017.  The waterfall, itself, was evacuated for a while. There is a parking lot next to the falls that fills up early. We beat … Continue reading

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Falling Waters Twenty-Three: Washington State’s National Parks

July, 2018 Mount Rainier National Park is home to over 150 waterfalls. We weren’t on a hunt for waterfalls, though, so we only saw a few. The largest one was Nisqually Valley Falls, which is fed by the Nisqually Glacier, at least … Continue reading

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Falling Waters Twenty-Two: Réunion and Mauritius

January, 2018 Near the end of a South African and Indian Ocean cruise, we stopped at the islands of Réunion and Mauritius. We really only saw one waterfall on the Island of Réunion, along the road as we traveled from one location … Continue reading

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Falling Waters Twenty-One: Southeastern Minnesota

October 5, 2018 We thought it was high time we saw some of the waterfalls we drive by in Southeastern Minnesota. It wasn’t raining today, unusual this year, so we went exploring. First, is the non-waterfall – Zumbro Falls. The … Continue reading

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Falling Waters Twenty: Victoria Falls, Zambia

January, 2018 Victoria Falls is famous for being the largest waterfall system in the world, with a total width of over a mile (5,600 feet) and a height of 355 feet. It was named for Queen Victoria in 1855 by David … Continue reading

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Spelunking and Spam in Southern Minnesota

October 2, 2018 Spelunking, from the Latin word spēlunca meaning cave, is a term that has fallen out of favor with “cavers,” who consider spelunkers to be untrained and unknowledgeable compared to themselves. Nonetheless, I think it’s a lovely word, and will … Continue reading

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Rochester, Minnesota: Medical Resort City

September, 2018 Here’s a very brief history of the Mayo Clinic, Rochester’s primary claim to fame. It was founded in the mid-1800’s, by William Worrall Mayo, who was born England in 1819 and emigrated to the United States in 1846. … Continue reading

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Falling Waters Nineteen: Iguazú Falls, Argentina and Brazil

March, 2017 Iguazú Falls is my favorite waterfall to date, and yes, we’ve been to Victoria Falls. This waterfall is located in Iguazú Falls National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  The name means “big water” in Guarani, an accurate description. … Continue reading

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Falling Waters Eighteen: Chile and Antarctica

What’s a good way to fritter away a lot of time? Start blogging about your travels. For me, it’s not just about posting my amateur photos, it’s about learning. I spend more time researching than I do writing, and I … Continue reading

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